Poems from the Past

It has been entirely too long since I have written! I am preparing for my book launch next month Feb 19th at Dino’s Lounge in Ferndale, Michigan. Also I am working on my guest posts for the Virtual Book Tour. There are so many amazing things coming up that I will share with all of you once I have more detail. For now I thought I would share some of my early work. When asked how long I have been writing, the answer was simple I never remember not writing. Here are two short poems from back in day.

In the nights last breathe
you may sit alone and cry
nothing left but hopeless dreams
that you are to imperfect for
no one cares to hear your voice
to see your sweet lipped words
but even in your loneliness
your light shines somewhere in this world.

Wondering questions
that circle in my head
are they really questions?
were they really said?
too flustered
to consumed
by every rambling thought
to give a damn
about these questions in my heart.


Friday the 13th

I love Friday the 13th. I am guaranteed not to have a crappy day if it is Friday the 13th. The world is full of horror stories and panic that something bad is on its way it leaves me alone to kick my feet up and relax knowing everyone is too freaked out to mess with my day.

Shockingly it has been a great day.  I aimlessly went through my daily routine and even with the evil snow fluttering about I made it to all my destinations and home unscathed. I shipped out the contest winners copies of my book along with a couple of choice blog reviewers copies and a few to those I hold dear to me even through the distance that divides us.

Back home, FINALLY, I plan to spend the evening with my son until he tuckers out. That is when the hard decisions must be made; do I watch a horror film or work on book 2?

XO and Happy Friday the 13th!


What an amazing event 🙂 Seriously? The amount of people showing interest and support for Finding Alice is exceptional, heartwarming and humbling. Thank you all. The winners of the contest are, Tia A., Oky S., Jennifer K., and Todd M. Congrats! Once I receive addresses I will send out your ARC’s of Finding Alice.

To continue with all that is good and awesomeness, I woke to find my favorite photographer Russ Turner had been playing with images from the photo shoot for my Alice Clark Series. So I thought I would share 🙂

Come on, really? I mean how badass is Alice?

So happy Tuesday!


Why is it not Friday?

This has been a crazy week for me and yes I know it’s not even over yet.  I had it in my head that today was Friday for most of the day. Yeah… I know, right?

All I’ve wanted to do for days was work on book 2. Sadly I have not been able to but I do see light at the end of the tunnel. I approved the final proof, *crosses fingers* one step closer to publishing! All formats are done; the paperback, kindle, nook and smashwords. I’ve been trying to stay updated on all the social networks also and the interest from book reviewing bloggers, readers and authors alike is absolutely amazing to me. This community of readers and writers is like nothing I have ever seen before. I checked the status on the giveaway for a signed copy of Finding Alice on Goodreads.com is climbing huge in numbers. The book trailer on youtube is getting crazy amounts of views too! You guys rock!! I am so excited for you all to read Alice’s story. The second one, *shivers* oh just wait.

It’s so crazy to me that just a week or so ago I was saying, “February 19th is not that far away, relax people!” Now I’m the one, “It’s only the 5th….of January! Come on!”

Some more super exciting news, it looks like February 16th I’ll be doing a live interview that you can all watch via the wonderful web 🙂 As soon as I have more information I will post it for you all! I am off to watch The Vampire Diaries and then I will finish reading The Reckoning by Michelle Leighton. http://mleightonbooks.blogspot.com/


Deceived by Stephanie Nelson

Deceived is finally here! 
First let me say I absolutely was in LOVE with Craved (the first book in the Gwen Sparks Series.) Now last night I excitedly logged on to amazon to download my kindle copy, I started reading and was so engulfed in the story right off the bat (and not surprised after book 1.) Alas, I was rudely interrupted by my 14 month old. Sadface. But tonight, I will read this book and I know I wont put it down. Stephanie has a way with her writing that just grabs a hold of you. You’ll find yourself pacing your house, going about daily chores with her book in gripped tightly in your hand, refusing to take your eyes off of it for one second.
I am a cover shopper all the way. 

My gift to my readers: the blurb for Deceived:

Gwen’s life has been a downward spiral since she discovered vampires crave witches blood. She’s summoned to Moon, the town of witches, where she learns that a war is brewing and she’s the secret weapon. Paired with the Angel of Death, it becomes quickly evident that she’s more powerful than she ever realized. But this reaper isn’t the robe wearing, scythe carrying kind – he’s a ruggedly handsome handful that has his eye on Gwen. As if that isn’t enough, she’s still tormented by Ian Desperaux’s constant intrusion into her thoughts and dreams. As Gwen struggles to balance her responsibility to the witches’ council and her secret relationship with her vampire boyfriend, Aiden, she’ll soon discover exactly what it means to be Deceived.
 Excited?!? I know you are, even better I have an excerpt! Enjoy!
 I quietly grumbled. I knew he was right, I should learn who I really was. A small part of me was afraid to though. Reading the memories of the dead was creepy enough, but at least I was helping people when I did it. Dorian wanting me to connect with the darkness just to learn it scared me. Kye’s insane sister flashed in my mind and gave me enough reason to want to study to be a spirit walker. I didn’t know why she had gone insane, but I didn’t want to end up like her. “Alright, teach me, old wise one.” My sarcasm tended to show itself when I was scared or pissed, at the moment I was a little bit of both.
“Close your eyes.” Dorian instructed, ignoring my cynicism. My eyes snapped shut, and I waited for him to tell me what to do next. I heard the squeak of vinyl, and his body press along the side of me. Dorian slipped his hand underneath mine and made me to jump.  “Keep your eyes closed.” I did as told, but my heart beat faster at our closeness. It seemed too intimate for a lesson.
Want to purchase Deceived? Well here are the links

You didn’t read Craved? Say what? Well here are the links for it too!
You can stalk Stephanie (she totally loves it!) on Facebook, and have access to updates on her upcoming books!


Good morning!

     I groggily stumble toward my coffee maker, my child pulling on my PJ pants. “mmm, coffee…” is all I can manage to mumble.
     “Ba ba ba,” my son yells at me.
     I look down at his brilliant blue eyes and smile. “You are lucky you are cute,” I joke. He flashes that adorable grin and I make his bottle. I turn on one of his movies or his favorite TV show Dinosaur Train and head back to my beloved coffee. I fill it will hazelnut creamer and breathe it in, “Ahhh.” I walk over to the computer and pull up my email, and start checking all of the wonderful pages I am connected to. What do I find? My book on a book review site. http://www.gothicangelbookreviews.blogspot.com/2012/01/announcing-new-and-exciting-book.html  Check it out for yourself.

Until we meet again, xo


Happy New Year!! Wow that year went by fast. But good riddance! 2012 is going to be a crazy year, filled with crazy excitement and lots and lots of coffee. My 14 month old son woke up at 11:50PM last night and refused to go back to bed. He was apparently very excited about the new year as well!

Before I dive into my series, I did want to note that I am currently accepting books for beta testing. If you are interested in having me beta test your book, I prefer the paranormal/fantasy genre; in young adult, young adult crossover, fiction, horror or romance.  You can submit an excerpt of your book or blurb to andrea@andreadigiglio.net . If you are not sure if your book falls under those categories or you swear I will love your book, you can submit your blurb and genre information. I will return all emails within 3-5 days to let you know whether or not I will be beta testing your book. Please note, I provide constructive feedback regardless to what stage in book you are in (first draft, rewrite, revision 5, etc) I know you put your blood, sweat, tears, heart and soul in to your book. So please give me the time I need to read it so I can give you constructive feedback you deserve. After all I want to love your book! I am currently beta testing for no charge, books chosen at my discretion alone. Blog reviews, goodreads reviews prices tbd.

And back to ALICE!!!!

In 8 days the contest to win a copy of Finding Alice ends, I will announce the winners (that are chosen at random and not by me) within 48 hours at the end of the contest. http://andrea-digiglio.blogspot.com/2011/12/chance-to-win-advanced-ebook-copy-of.html#more For those who do not win, don’t be sad! February 19th will be here in no time and you will be able to get your ebook or paperback copy. I will have all the links available on the release date on my webpage www.andreadigiglio.net and on here. 

When book 1 becomes available if you have questions, comments, please post! I’d love to hear your thoughts. I will continue to write Alice’s story and keep you all in the loop on where I am with book 2 and when it will be released.

To start the new year off with a bang, here is my book trailer for Finding Alice, I hope you enjoy