The Faces In My Imaginary World

So I have been asked a few times from my beta testers, on who ideally would play Cole and Alice. First Nataline Jenkins the model who is on my cover is exactly my ideal Alice. Strong, confident, young, naturally beautiful with just the right amount of tomboy. When my good friend and photographer, Russ Turner and I were talking about the shoot he recommended her.

Seriously? wow.

Now back to Cole. The struggle with this for me is that I didn’t create these two with an actress or actor in mind. They were mash ups of people I knew, people I’ve never seen or met, the sort of people I always wanted to be around or wanted to be.  When asked though, I really took it seriously. Who would be the perfect Cole?


Yes, Ian Somerhalder. *Sighs*

I have a pretty good idea on the rest of the characters on who I would cast if plausible but I won’t release that information until book 2 Alice’s Sacrifice is well on it’s way to becoming available. Or you all start asking. 🙂

Stay tuned for an upcoming contest and information on where to buy your copy of Finding Alice.

Goodbye old and hello new

It’s time to replace my flash drive. It’s held together by a few pieces of scotch tape; it is so old and abused. I thank it for keeping great care of Finding Alice, and the beginnings of Alice’s Sacrifice. While searching the wonder that is, I found this pretty thing,

This little doll will be the new caretaker of The Finding Alice series.

On another note I did manage to write 8K words in book 2, I’m proud, I’m exhausted and most of all I am excited. Excited to share Alice’s story with you all.

Keep a look out for a chance to win your copy of

Finding Alice
Spring of 2012


Make Believe

My writing tends to be dark by nature. Which is causing me quite the dilemma here in my second novel. My characters are happy and they completely deserve it after the hell I put them through. I just can’t seem to write happy. My muse appears in my work all the time but we will never be like them, the souls in my book. 

Sometimes I wonder what if for a moment I pretended we were, we were just like them?


She sits drinking her coffee staring at a blank screen willing the words to pour from her. She sighs in frustration while running her hands through her long dark hair. Think dammit. Still nothing. She closes her eyes and massages her temples in an attempt to relax. He plagues her mind; though she really doesn’t mind it. She can almost smell him and see that glorious smile that lights up her soul. 

Her eyes snap open and she practically launches her chair into the wall behind her. It can’t be, can it? Her heart begins to flutter at an irregular accelerated pace as she rushes to her door. She doesn’t look out, she doesn’t peer and then return to her chair scolding herself for being so silly. No, she runs out the door across her porch onto her front lawn with her head down and hopeful. She slowly raises her chin and looks down the steps toward the parking lot. Blue eyes. Stunning blue eyes burn into her and she can’t help but let a smile plaster across her entire face. Fear flows away from her dripping from her feet and sinking into the pavement. She can only think, You. You’re… here. He walks slowly towards her climbing each step as if they were made of glass and would break under his steady weight. He reaches the top and stops, studying her, taking in the moment. Her breath is caught in her throat until he reaches his hand out to her. Without a thought she runs at him colliding almost too hard, wrapping her arms around his neck. His arms wrap strongly around her waist removing all space between them.  Tears stream down her face and soak into his black shirt. He whispers into her hair, kisses the top of her head. The world seems so still as they share this emotional moment they had waited for, for well over a decade. He pulls back and stares deep into her eyes and then he kisses her. Like she has never been kissed before. The way they always thought a kiss between them would be. Magical, intense, passionate, earth shattering, mind blowing and forever changing. 

They live in that moment, truly live. Live in a world where love is enough. And a kiss, is everything.

Hello there!

Wanted to send out a quick hello to all those reading! As soon as I have more time, Aka., my 1 year old son goes to sleep, I will write more! For now, on the next blog I will put up a teaser of my writing. I hope you enjoy!


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