Why do you write so dark?

I was asked by a fan, “Andrea, why do you write so dark?” To which I replied, “I forgot my sunglasses.”

Truth be told we laughed about it, loudly. I mean of course we did that was the best answer to ever roll off my tongue! When I started writing I was told to write what I know; that happened to be a dark world filled with emotional baggage. I’m always filled with sarcasm and as my girlfriend’s and I call it, “the darkness,” both of which have always been a part of not only my writing but myself. The more I plug away at Alice’s Sacrifice, the more I see how true that is. I love that my sarcasm creeps in through some characters more than others. I truly enjoy using the darkness as an advantage or an inner struggle to fuel themselves as apposed to the evil or bad side. Let’s be honest here my characters are technically on the wrong side of a large battle and you are all rooting for them (that was the plan anyway.) I don’t see them on the “wrong side” of good and evil, I see them in the gray cloud of chaos fighting for their right to exist and to love. Well I know i’ve felt as if I was on the wrong side of a battle once or twice and I always hoped someone was rooting for me to making it through.

Life is hard,  just yesterday while packing I found a poetic short journal entry I wrote after a long day of hell and it was sad. The debate between quitting and fighting is a hard choice but I hope that you find strength in what I have overcome as I share more about me as not only and author but as a human. I know you can find the strength too.

When Alice’s Sacrifice comes out I believe you will all be floored as you take the journey with Alice and Cole. Through the gray area of a world I hold so dearly close to my heart.


ps. exciting news about Book 2 Cover coming soon!

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