Motor City Comic Con meets Alice…and me

I feel as if I have run myself in circles and my head may fall off at any moment. Who has the duct tape? I may have overloaded my schedule a bit; moving, Comic Con, raising a toddler, writing a sequel, co-writing a novel. (I could go on but really let’s not.)

All day on saturday I was at the Motor City Comic Con dressed in my Rasha wardrobe as Seeretah all while sitting at a booth with a load of copies of Finding Alice and FA swag. Yes folks Finding Alice was at motor city comic con! Big thank you to Iron Core Media for inviting me!

I only got a few pics due to me staying stationary at the booth. I thought I share my badass wardrobe, Sean Patrick Flannery (I took those specifically for my best friend Melissa), Chewbacca and Vader.

Comic Con bound
My booth mate the lovely Erica Blair (also in Rasha and a million other things.)
Rasha wardrobe.
Flannery, yes i know this is blurry but he’s play fighting what can you do?
Flannery’s backside. yup.
Do I really need to say?
My brother makes the Chewy sound. Dead serious.
Fun fact: when I was pregnant my brother would make the chewy noise and
my son would move to which ever side of my belly the sound was coming from.

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  1. Hi Andrea

    I just made your acquaintance via Ereader News Today…was intrigued by the blurb of your book, but startled it was listed as Contemporary Fiction instead of Urban Fantasy. Hmm. I'm expecting this is an error.

    As a fantasy author I scourer for fantasy, and skip over what I think of as boring fiction ('Contemporary'). Look forward to reading your series. I love angel-on-earth-noir


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