Finding Alice #20 in Top 100 Amazon Best Sellers List!

What an amazing weekend! I’m almost relieved to see monday rearing its ugly head, almost.

Well I’ve already told you all about my wonderful adventure at comic con, (minus the story about Dean Cain winking at me and my response being to run in terror. Seriously have you seen him in those lifetime movies, he’s so creepy!? It was over powering my memory of him as Clark Kent.) Anyway!

I have some exciting, amazing, fantastical news to share. Finding Alice hit #20 on Amazon’s top 100 Best selling ebooks!!!! I took a picture as I nearly fell off of my chair.

I mean wow just wow. Thank you for your interest and love for Alice’s story. I am extremely excited and it really gave me the fuel to force the household to allow me to finish book 2. I’m so excited I want to give away stuff, so anyone who has read Finding Alice tell me your favorite line or excerpt. If you haven’t tell me about your love for fallen angels and/or paranormal anything! Will start off with some bookmarks and key chains and maybe even a copy of Finding Alice.

Lastly all merchandise is on SALE! Make sure you check out all the Finding Alice and I <3 Cole Curvus swag!


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