Poems from the Past

It has been entirely too long since I have written! I am preparing for my book launch next month Feb 19th at Dino’s Lounge in Ferndale, Michigan. Also I am working on my guest posts for the Virtual Book Tour. There are so many amazing things coming up that I will share with all of you once I have more detail. For now I thought I would share some of my early work. When asked how long I have been writing, the answer was simple I never remember not writing. Here are two short poems from back in day.

In the nights last breathe
you may sit alone and cry
nothing left but hopeless dreams
that you are to imperfect for
no one cares to hear your voice
to see your sweet lipped words
but even in your loneliness
your light shines somewhere in this world.

Wondering questions
that circle in my head
are they really questions?
were they really said?
too flustered
to consumed
by every rambling thought
to give a damn
about these questions in my heart.


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