Guest post with Val Arnold

 Today I have the privilege to introduce you all to Val Arnold the creator of My Best Friends Forks She has agreed to guest post today! I know Val personally and when I say it is an honor and a privilege, well you all know I mean it! Here you go!

My dogs are the only kids that I have, and I treat them like babies .  Which includes, feeding them off forks from time to time.  When I give them their vitamins or medicine it has to be in food.  If I put pills in food on a plate, they will pick them out and toss them on the floor. When I’m done with my plate, they know that they get the last bite.  Anything from my fork is going to be good so they just take whatever it is without any hesitation.  I have been doing this for over 13 years with all of my dogs.  

It was an incident this past June that could have been a disaster for both Griz and myself. My fingers were a little greasy from the chicken that I pulled apart for them, and well…Griz almost inhaled the fork. It was a last second miracle that I managed to grab the fork and gain control of it before it was too late. As my heart was beating out of my chest, I went online to try to find a safety fork of some kind, something for dogs and there was nothing for them.  I did however come across some x rays  of forks in dogs stomachs!! 

I was sick from seeing them, and then knowing that other people fed their babies from forks too!?? That was it, I decided to take action myself. I jumped up, made a fork in my kitchen that dogs couldn’t take from your hands. Its rounded in the front, and the 2 middle tines are shortened for the comfort of a dogs mouth. 

I am now the inventor of My BFF ( My Best Friends Fork). It’s Veterinarian recommended and approved.  My vet said that this happens a lot more than he cares to talk about, and that it is a brilliant invention.  It is also being featured on True Tv in May “World’s Smartest Inventions”.  If you know of anyone that feeds their dogs from a regular fork, please stop them!! You can watch the video and order the world’s first safety feeding utensil for dogs at 

Thank you!

Val Arnold

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