Friday the 13th

I love Friday the 13th. I am guaranteed not to have a crappy day if it is Friday the 13th. The world is full of horror stories and panic that something bad is on its way it leaves me alone to kick my feet up and relax knowing everyone is too freaked out to mess with my day.

Shockingly it has been a great day.  I aimlessly went through my daily routine and even with the evil snow fluttering about I made it to all my destinations and home unscathed. I shipped out the contest winners copies of my book along with a couple of choice blog reviewers copies and a few to those I hold dear to me even through the distance that divides us.

Back home, FINALLY, I plan to spend the evening with my son until he tuckers out. That is when the hard decisions must be made; do I watch a horror film or work on book 2?

XO and Happy Friday the 13th!

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