The Faces In My Imaginary World

So I have been asked a few times from my beta testers, on who ideally would play Cole and Alice. First Nataline Jenkins the model who is on my cover is exactly my ideal Alice. Strong, confident, young, naturally beautiful with just the right amount of tomboy. When my good friend and photographer, Russ Turner and I were talking about the shoot he recommended her.

Seriously? wow.

Now back to Cole. The struggle with this for me is that I didn’t create these two with an actress or actor in mind. They were mash ups of people I knew, people I’ve never seen or met, the sort of people I always wanted to be around or wanted to be.  When asked though, I really took it seriously. Who would be the perfect Cole?


Yes, Ian Somerhalder. *Sighs*

I have a pretty good idea on the rest of the characters on who I would cast if plausible but I won’t release that information until book 2 Alice’s Sacrifice is well on it’s way to becoming available. Or you all start asking. 🙂

Stay tuned for an upcoming contest and information on where to buy your copy of Finding Alice.

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